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#1 emin/WebPQuickLook

Mac OS X QuickLook plugin for WebP image files

C676 Star38 Fork
#2 gideros/gideros

Gideros Release version

C449 Star96 Fork
#3 pustladi/Windows-2000

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional — (Source Codes)

C289 Star122 Fork
#4 hlldz/CVE-2021-1675-LPE

Local Privilege Escalation Edition for CVE-2021-1675/CVE-2021-34527

C278 Star67 Fork
#5 kehribar/nrf24L01_plus

Portable nrf24L01+ library with auto acknowledgement and auto retransmission support.

C268 Star95 Fork
#6 CSD-1993/KursNotlari

C ve Sistem Programcıları Derneği Kurs Notları

C255 Star43 Fork
#7 tezc/sc

Common libraries and data structures for C.

C190 Star23 Fork
#8 orhun/zps

A small utility for listing and reaping zombie processes on GNU/Linux.

C116 Star4 Fork
#9 eeertekin/bbcp

Securely and quickly copy data from source to target.

C113 Star34 Fork
#10 bonesoul/hypepool

:rocket: :zap: :sparkles: next-gen mining pool server software

C95 Star64 Fork
#11 EgeBalci/WSAAcceptBackdoor

Winsock accept() Backdoor Implant.

C86 Star15 Fork
#12 orhun/kermit

A VTE-based, simple and froggy terminal emulator 🐸

C81 Star6 Fork
#13 rohanrhu/cebsocket

Lightweight WebSocket library for C.

C73 Star4 Fork
#14 muratdemirtas/MT7601u

Ubuntu and Embedded Linux(Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi etc.) drivers for MediaTek MT7601u Wireless Chipset. Support Access Point(AP) and Station Mode(STA). Tested on 32-64 Bit Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi 2 with all kernels sincev4.0.0+. You can use this driver for internet sharing(hotspot), robotic, file transfer or ssh.

C72 Star39 Fork
#15 gokhanmoral/siyahkernel3

ICS kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2

C62 Star113 Fork
#16 cmbahadir/opcua-esp32

Embedded OPC UA Server on ESP32 based on open62541 stack

C60 Star25 Fork
#17 tnodir/luasys

LuaSys is a portable Lua library providing access to system and networking functions. Also includes: event notification mechanism, win32 specifics (registry, service), serial communication, signals, threading and much more.

C58 Star20 Fork
#18 farukuzun/notsodeep

Active DPI circumvention utility for Linux

C57 Star15 Fork
#19 tezc/resql

Lightweight SQL database with replication

C51 Star3 Fork
#20 orhun/rtl_map

FFT-based visualizer for RTL-SDR devices. (RTL2832/DVB-T)

C46 Star7 Fork
#21 robutest/uclinux

uClinux for Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4

C45 Star59 Fork
#22 stulluk/FFmpeg-Cedrus

FFMpeg for Cedrus on Allwinner devices with sunxi kernel

C44 Star38 Fork
#23 egcodes/bumerang

a command-line tool that allows file transfer between computers on the local network with password protected

C43 Star7 Fork
#24 sezero/glide

3Dfx Glide -- forked from CVS repository at https://sourceforge.net/projects/glide/

C41 Star12 Fork
#25 sezero/mikmod

Mikmod Sound System (mirror of git repo at https://sf.net/projects/mikmod/)

C38 Star14 Fork
#26 kozyilmaz/nvidia-jetson-rt

Real-Time Scheduling with NVIDIA Jetson TX2

C32 Star15 Fork
#27 theFr1nge/dotfiles

Welcome to my dungeon. Here, I keep all my configuration files in case I have a stroke and lose all my memory. You're very welcome to explore and use anything in this repository. Have fun!

C30 Star2 Fork
#28 Dentrax/DentOS

Experimental Stand-alone 32-bit Kernel with Bootloader written in AT&T Assembly and Freestanding C

C30 Star5 Fork
#29 safakkbilici/YTU-CE

Unofficial repository for Yildiz Technical University, Computer Engineering.Contains: Lecture Notes + Slides + Homeworks + Examples

C30 Star3 Fork
#30 atagulalan/karabasan

🌚 karabasan.exe'nin C'ye portlanmış hali.

C28 Star2 Fork