Bu dil için toplam 1,033 geliştrici ve 1,874 repo bulunuyor.

#1 gideros/gideros

Gideros Release version

C355 Star94 Fork
#2 emin/WebPQuickLook

Mac OS X QuickLook plugin for WebP image files

C219 Star20 Fork
#3 p1v0t/Sort

Implementation of some of comparison based sorting algorithms

C77 Star7 Fork
#4 bonesoul/hypepool

:rocket: :zap: :sparkles: next-gen mining pool server software

C65 Star33 Fork
#5 gokhanmoral/siyahkernel3

ICS kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2

C65 Star114 Fork
#6 pustladi/Windows-2000

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional — (Source Codes)

C39 Star29 Fork
#7 atilimcetin/path-rendering

High quality 2D vector graphics rendering library for OpenGL and OpenGL ES.

C37 Star5 Fork
#8 muratdemirtas/MT7601u

Ubuntu and Embedded Linux(Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi etc.) drivers for MediaTek MT7601u Wireless Chipset. Support Access Point(AP) and Station Mode(STA). Tested on 32-64 Bit Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi 2 with all kernels sincev4.0.0+. You can use this driver for internet sharing(hotspot), robotic, file transfer or ssh.

C36 Star18 Fork
#9 robutest/uclinux

uClinux for Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4

C29 Star43 Fork
#10 bsg/libserv

Cross-platform non-blocking TCP server library

C26 Star8 Fork
#11 EnderUNIX/VoIPong

VoIPong is a utility which detects all Voice Over IP calls on a pipeline, and for those which are G711 encoded, dumps actual conversation to seperate wave files. It supports SIP, H323, Cisco's Skinny Client Protocol, RTP and RTCP.

C26 Star12 Fork
#12 egcodes/bumerang

a command-line tool that allows file transfer between computers on the local network with password protected

C26 Star4 Fork
#13 gideros/giderosdev

Gideros Development version

C25 Star5 Fork
#14 farukuzun/notsodeep

Active DPI circumvention utility for Linux

C23 Star2 Fork
#15 EnderUNIX/Aget

Multithreaded HTTP Download Accelerator

C19 Star11 Fork
C16 Star6 Fork
#17 EnderUNIX/MetFS

MetFS is FUSE based, encrypted, dynamic sized filesystem software.

C16 Star4 Fork
#18 halit/monovm

Virtual machine for Morris Mano's book

C15 Star0 Fork
#19 sezero/libtimidity

libtimidity: MIDI to WAVE converter library.mirrored from http://sf.net/projects/libtimidity/

C15 Star0 Fork
C14 Star0 Fork
#21 kozyilmaz/blocky

Ethereum based smart contracts for IoT devices

C13 Star4 Fork
C13 Star1 Fork
#23 robutest/u-boot

U-Boot for Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4

C13 Star28 Fork
#25 taneryilmaz/libconfigini

Configuration parser library in INI format

C11 Star9 Fork
#26 csimsek/pgsql-fio

PostgreSQL File I/O Functions

C11 Star4 Fork
#27 Wzedlare/android_kernel_motorola_msm8937

Kernel Source for Moto G5(Cedric)

C10 Star22 Fork
#28 om3rcitak/biji-fighter

Biji-Fighter is multi-player console game. Biji-Fighter is made #otomathackathon.

C10 Star0 Fork
#29 besimaltnok/teensy

teensy 3.0 ile ilgili uygulamalar

C9 Star4 Fork
#30 sezero/mikmod

Mikmod Sound System -- mirrored from https://sf.net/projects/mikmod/

C9 Star2 Fork