Bu dil için toplam 272 geliştrici ve 333 repo bulunuyor.

#1 EgeBalci/Amber

Reflective PE packer.

Assembly398 Star125 Fork
#2 vigo/dinozorus

1990'lı yıllara damgasını vuran efsane televizyon oyunu Dinozorus. Amiga 1200 - AGA

Assembly93 Star5 Fork
#3 EgeBalci/Hook_API

Assembly block for hooking windows API functions.

Assembly24 Star2 Fork
#4 kilic/fp

Nearly generic prime field implementation in Go

Assembly21 Star1 Fork
#5 EgeBalci/IAT_API

Assembly block for finding and calling the windows API functions inside import address table(IAT) of the running PE file.

Assembly17 Star9 Fork
#6 EgeBalci/SelfDefense

Several self-defense shellcodes

Assembly13 Star16 Fork
#7 Dentrax/DLL-Injection-with-Assembly

DLL Injection to Exe with Assembly using OllyDbg

Assembly9 Star1 Fork
#8 arthurealike/batman2600

Unofficial Dark knight game for Atari 2600

Assembly7 Star0 Fork
#9 fstasel/Pastel3d

A 3D Renderer Project for Commodore 64

Assembly6 Star0 Fork
#10 emartisoft/amiga_asm_tutorials

Amiga 680X0 Assembler Tutorials

Assembly6 Star0 Fork
#11 sezero/nasm

NASM: The Netwide Assembler -- forked from

Assembly6 Star5 Fork
#12 pustladi/MS-DOS-v.1.1

Microsoft DOS v.1.1 — (Source Codes)

Assembly6 Star9 Fork
#13 pustladi/MS-DOS-v.2.0

Microsoft DOS v.2.0 — (Source Codes)

Assembly6 Star16 Fork
#14 Dentrax/AVR-Programming-with-Assembly

AVR Microcontroller Programming with Assembly

Assembly5 Star0 Fork
#15 saitima/eip1962

GO Implementation of EIP1962

Assembly4 Star0 Fork
#16 altuntasfatih/Hare-and-Hounds-Game-x86-Assembly

Hare and HoundsGame is implementing in assembly with masm coplier andIrvine32 LİB

Assembly4 Star1 Fork
#17 ensarkarabudak/PIC-16F877A

PIC16F87X,PIC-16F877A,PIC-16F87XA Projects

Assembly4 Star2 Fork
#19 ffcabbar/MIPS-Assembly-Language-Examples

:heavy_check_mark: Examples to learn Mips

Assembly4 Star0 Fork
Assembly4 Star2 Fork
#22 nurettin/linasm

Assembly3 Star0 Fork
#23 ozaksuty/SwipeViewSample

Xamarin Forms SwipeView Kullanımı

Assembly3 Star0 Fork
#24 ramizmammadli/Triangle-Inequality

This is an Assembly code which checks whether there are 3 numbers which can be the length of sides of triangle or not. If there are, it finds the numbers which create triangle with smallest area. All the other explanations are given in README (English) and in the code as comments (Turkish).

Assembly3 Star0 Fork
#26 mestuyilmaz/Xamarin.Android-WhatsApp-UI

A basic user-interface of WhatsApp using Xamarin.Android

Assembly2 Star0 Fork
#27 c64skate/commander_x16_samples

Commander X16 Sample Codes

Assembly2 Star1 Fork
Assembly2 Star0 Fork
#29 elifBalci/image-classification-on-mips

This mips program can distinguish photos of salam, steak and currant by using histograms of some example photos like a primitive classifier.

Assembly2 Star0 Fork
#30 safakkbilici/Triangle-Inequality-Algorithm

Triangle Inequality Algorithm implemented in 80x86 Assembly.

Assembly2 Star0 Fork