Bu dil için toplam 150 geliştrici ve 223 repo bulunuyor.

#1 aveao/Wireless-Rickroll

A ESP8266 script to rickroll people

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#2 oguzhanbaser/ethernet

Internet with Arduino

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#3 farukc/AzureIoTHub-TI-CC3200

Sample Wiring example code showing how to connect and send data to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub with a TI CC3200 Launchpad

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#4 alidemir1/MachineLearningOnArduinoUno

Unsupervised Learning : Q - Learning Algorithm on Arduino Uno

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#5 monur/LedMatrixPong

Pong Game using Arduino Uno + 8x8 Led Matrix

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#6 monur/ArduCamMonitor

Using Nokia 5110 screen as a primitive monitor

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#7 Hipo/weatherbot

ESP8266 Mobile Weather Station

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#8 cevatbostancioglu/esp8266-TCP-Serial-Gateway

This project is listening from given port and pushing to ESP8266 Native/HW Serial port and vice versa. I used it for make 3D WiFi Printers.

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#9 Hipo/Heimdal-Arduino

Arduino code for the Bluetooth LE based gate keeper (literally)

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#10 cagataymuhammet/ArduinoBluetoothCar

Arduino Bluetooth Car Project

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#11 erenkeskin/arduino-android-telefon-ile-bluetooth-araba

Arduino kullanarak Andorid bir telefonun bluetooth bağlantısı ile araba yapımı.

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#13 muratdemirtas/ESP8266-UART-RX-INTERRUPT

Thread based uart interrupt receive event

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#15 malipetek/ESP8266_webServer_example_w_AJAX

This code is copied from another post, and example calls switched with ajax ones.

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#16 Tonguc-Endem/YF-S201-Flow-Sensor-and-Arduino

Two different examples to use the YF-S201 Flow Sensor with arduino

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#17 ahmetsemsettinozdemirden/MazeSolver

Arduino maze solver complete code.

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#18 ugurkrl/Arduino_Oled_Battery_Capacity_Calculator

Arduino battery capacity calculator with oled screen

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#21 odtu/motorlab

An Open-Source Motor Control Laboratory

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#23 serhaturtis/CC1101-Arduino-Example

A simple Arduino RX TX example for CC1101 module.

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#25 alioygur/ardudroid

ArduDroid sample code

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#26 Sait-Nuri/Arduino

All about Arduino codes

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#27 Hipo/RoboRoach

A self driving Arduino robot

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#28 kiliczsh/MUFE-Robotics-Line-Maze

Iztech Roboleague Çizgi Labirent Kategorisi

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#29 hexvalid/YagmurAlarm

Yet Another Arduino Project

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#30 aveao/IoT_ATS_Dashboard

Shows data from on IoT devices.

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