İbrahim Süren

İbrahim Süren



#1 ibrahimsn98/SmoothBottomBar

A lightweight Android material bottom navigation bar library

Kotlin1,402 Star180 Fork
#2 ibrahimsn98/android-particles

A lightweight Particle Animation Library for Android

Kotlin362 Star61 Fork
#3 ibrahimsn98/web-dev-tools-android

Sample Android Application - MVVM, Clean Architecture, Modularization, Repository Pattern

Kotlin219 Star27 Fork
#4 ibrahimsn98/speedometer

A lightweight circular indicator view library for Android

Kotlin201 Star20 Fork
#5 ibrahimsn98/NiceBottomBar

A lightweight Android material bottom navigation bar library

Kotlin143 Star19 Fork
#6 ibrahimsn98/android-mvvm-dagger-2-rxjava-example

Sample Android Application - MVVM, Dagger 2, RxJava, Retrofit

Java114 Star59 Fork
#7 ibrahimsn98/taskprogressview

A lightweight task progress calendar view library for Android

Kotlin113 Star4 Fork
#8 ibrahimsn98/Freya

A lightweight, simplified form validation library for Android

Kotlin82 Star1 Fork
#9 ibrahimsn98/PhoneNumberKit

Android Kotlin library to parse and format international phone numbers. Country code picker.

Kotlin71 Star12 Fork
#10 ibrahimsn98/live-preferences

Live Shared Preferences library for Android

Kotlin65 Star13 Fork
#11 ibrahimsn98/CirclesLoadingView

Android Google Style Loading Animation Library (Needs performance optimizations!!)

Kotlin56 Star9 Fork
#12 ibrahimsn98/achilles

A Simple Retrofit Inspired Android Websocket Client (In Development)

Kotlin38 Star3 Fork
#13 ibrahimsn98/android-datausage

An Android library to monitor cellular and wifi data usage easily

Kotlin27 Star2 Fork
#14 ibrahimsn98/android-eth-wallet

Android cryptocurrency wallet app with clean architecture

Kotlin23 Star8 Fork
#15 ibrahimsn98/android-live-broadcasts

Live broadcast receiver library for Android

Kotlin19 Star1 Fork
#16 ibrahimsn98/blockchain-in-go

A basic blockchain implementation in Golang

Go12 Star5 Fork
#17 ibrahimsn98/InputValidator

A Lightweight input validation library for Android

Kotlin8 Star1 Fork
#18 ibrahimsn98/android-preference-editor

Edit the preferences of the Android applications

Python5 Star0 Fork
#19 ibrahimsn98/aucc-game

Cyber security quiz game

Kotlin4 Star1 Fork
#20 ibrahimsn98/github-explorer

A startup page Chrome extension which shows GitHub repositories that are related with your interests

JavaScript4 Star0 Fork
#22 ibrahimsn98/pocketmine-mp-worldguard-plugin

Minecraft PE - PocketMine-MP-WorldGuard-Plugin

PHP1 Star0 Fork