Mert Şimşek

Mert Şimşek


Sr. Android Engineer

#1 iammert/ScalingLayout

With Scaling Layout scale your layout on user interaction.

Java3,064 Star309 Fork
#2 iammert/MaterialIntroView

Material Intro View is a showcase android library.

Java2,287 Star366 Fork
#3 iammert/ExpandableLayout

Expandable LinearLayout

Java1,112 Star134 Fork
#4 iammert/MusicPlayerView

Android custom view and progress for music player

Java1,049 Star297 Fork
#5 iammert/AndroidArchitecture

Recommended architecture by Android

Java807 Star183 Fork
#6 iammert/ProgressLayout

custom progress layout view for Android

Java802 Star129 Fork
#7 iammert/StatusView

Custom status view for Android.

Java750 Star78 Fork
#8 iammert/InteractivePlayerView

Custom android music player view.

Java737 Star161 Fork
#9 iammert/ReadableBottomBar

Yet another material bottom bar library for Android

Kotlin736 Star74 Fork
#10 iammert/dagger-android-injection

Sample project explains Dependency Injection in Android using dagger-android framework.

Java511 Star131 Fork
#11 iammert/MaskProgressView

Yet another android custom progress view for your music player

Java366 Star56 Fork
#12 iammert/AnimatedTabLayout

Yet another android tab layout

Kotlin363 Star42 Fork
#13 iammert/MultiSearchView

Yet another built-in animated search view for Android.

Kotlin331 Star32 Fork
#14 iammert/FastGCM

Fast Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) integration for Android. Receive push notification easily.

Java255 Star54 Fork
#15 iammert/RadioPlayerService

Android service library which uses AAC Player. Ready to use Radio Player Service.

Java243 Star101 Fork
#16 iammert/Android-MVVM-Architecture

Sample MVVM project uses instagram API

Java195 Star70 Fork
#17 iammert/CameraVideoButton

Instagram like animated button for taking photo or recording video.

Kotlin187 Star20 Fork
#18 iammert/RangeView

Android range view for cropping (video, audio, etc.)

Kotlin112 Star4 Fork
#19 iammert/PhotoViewIndicator

Indicator for PhotoView Library

Kotlin110 Star11 Fork
#20 iammert/HueSeekBar

Yet another android seekbar inspired from Philips Hue app

Java93 Star25 Fork
#21 iammert/CollapsingToolbarExample

Material collapsing toolbar and floating action button demonstration

Java80 Star26 Fork
#22 iammert/DragToDismissImageViewer

Drag to dismiss image view in imageviewer activity

Java47 Star10 Fork
#23 iammert/Frekans

📻 Frekans is a radio player app. It will be fully developed with Kotlin. It is work-in-progress and under heavy development.

Kotlin42 Star4 Fork
#24 iammert/android-sortedlist-sample

Sample project that implements SortedList in RecyclerView.Adapter

Kotlin27 Star3 Fork
#25 iammert/WaterWatchFace

Android wear watchface

Java24 Star4 Fork
#26 iammert/Blend

Create gradient drawable easily.

Kotlin21 Star0 Fork
#27 iammert/Dagger2Example

Basic Dagger 2 Dependency Injection example

Java18 Star3 Fork
#28 iammert/VideoMetadataProvider

Video metadata provider library (collect metadata from ExoPlayer, FFMpeg, Native Android)

Kotlin16 Star1 Fork
#29 iammert/FlickrClient

Basic Flickr Client

Java15 Star1 Fork
#30 iammert/rewarded-ads-sample

Sample project to show rewarded ads on your android app

Java14 Star4 Fork