Fevzi Ömür Tekin

Fevzi Ömür Tekin


Mobile application developer

#1 fevziomurtekin/DeezerClone

This Application using Dagger Hilt, Coroutines, Flow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, LiveData),Navigation based on MVVM architecture.

Kotlin69 Star5 Fork
#2 fevziomurtekin/PayView

💳 Payment View library for Credit and Debit Card.

Kotlin64 Star11 Fork
#3 fevziomurtekin/Rainlayout

Constraintlayout based rain-animation view developed backed by Kotlin Coroutines.

Kotlin31 Star5 Fork
#4 fevziomurtekin/custom-progress-dialog

Custom progress dialog library written in Kotlin.

Kotlin23 Star6 Fork
#5 fevziomurtekin/lockscreen

🔒Security screen using fingerprint or pin code.

Java21 Star6 Fork
#6 fevziomurtekin/hackernewsapp

Using MVVM, Coroutines and Koin developed Hacker News Application written Kotlin.

Kotlin21 Star4 Fork
#7 fevziomurtekin/searchview

🔍 A beautiful searchview with animations.

Java13 Star1 Fork
#8 fevziomurtekin/beforeafterview

Before After animation library write in Kotlin.

Kotlin10 Star3 Fork
#10 fevziomurtekin/custom-mapview

🗺️ A customized Android library made using Google map.

Kotlin6 Star3 Fork
#11 fevziomurtekin/beacon-inspection

A simple android application using beacon devices.

Java5 Star0 Fork
#12 fevziomurtekin/githubjobsapp

GithubJobs app which was built with modular structure, Kotlin DSL, Koin, Observer pattern.

Kotlin5 Star0 Fork
#13 fevziomurtekin/Naive-Bayes-Algoritm

The algorithm for diagnosing hepatitis with Naive Bayes ' Theorem.

C#4 Star0 Fork
#17 fevziomurtekin/go-sqlite

CRUD operation on SQLite database with Go.

Go3 Star4 Fork
#18 fevziomurtekin/flutter_basic_examples

Flutter contains simple examples for learning languages.

Dart3 Star0 Fork
#19 fevziomurtekin/WorldCup2018

⚽ World cup 2018 with Flutter

Dart3 Star0 Fork
Java2 Star0 Fork
#23 fevziomurtekin/Sau-Polling-System

Sakarya Universitesi Yoklama Sistemi (Web-Mobil)

JavaScript2 Star1 Fork
#24 fevziomurtekin/family-tree

Family tree application for System Programming Lecture written C.

C2 Star1 Fork
#25 fevziomurtekin/Firebase-chat-app

🗨️ Simple chat program with Firabese

Java2 Star0 Fork
#26 fevziomurtekin/FirebaseAuth

Firebase Authentication code

Java2 Star0 Fork
#27 fevziomurtekin/aboutme

👨🏾‍💻 About me application written Flutter.

Dart2 Star0 Fork