Fatih Erikli

Fatih Erikli


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#1 fatiherikli/react-designer

Editable vector graphics in your react components.

JavaScript1,056 Star117 Fork
#2 fatiherikli/fil

A playground for in-browser interpreters. Built with React/Redux.

JavaScript856 Star123 Fork
#3 fatiherikli/klassify

Bayesian Text classification service based on Redis. Built on top of Tornado and React.js

JavaScript669 Star46 Fork
#4 fatiherikli/mockup-designer

The mockup tool that uses your local storage as backend.

JavaScript521 Star108 Fork
#5 fatiherikli/kule

Kule is a REST interface for MongoDB.

Python487 Star34 Fork
#6 fatiherikli/language-evolution-simulation

Language evolution simulation with Agent-based Models

JavaScript474 Star58 Fork
#7 fatiherikli/brainfuck-visualizer

Javascript Brainfuck Interpreter and Visualizer. Built with Backbone.js

JavaScript429 Star98 Fork
#8 fatiherikli/nginxparser

Parses nginx configuration with Pyparsing

Python411 Star86 Fork
#9 fatiherikli/worldcup

World cup results for hackers.Uses Soccer For Good API

Python289 Star37 Fork
#10 fatiherikli/voxel

Voxel design tool built on top of css transformations

JavaScript194 Star11 Fork
#11 fatiherikli/programming-language-network

The network of programming languages

HTML191 Star41 Fork
#12 fatiherikli/scrumboard

scrumboard application with backbone.js, django and tastypie.

JavaScript130 Star39 Fork
#13 fatiherikli/josef

A robot who learns how to draw

JavaScript113 Star10 Fork
#14 fatiherikli/archetype

Archetype | ASCII prototyping tool

JavaScript105 Star6 Fork
#15 fatiherikli/kilim-motifs

Procedural Kilim Motif Generation with Lindenmayer System

JavaScript96 Star8 Fork
#16 fatiherikli/image-glitcher

HTML5 Image Glitcher App

CSS87 Star8 Fork
#17 fatiherikli/backbone-autocomplete

An auto-complete widget built with Backbone.js

JavaScript86 Star46 Fork
#18 fatiherikli/markov-chain-demo

Endless story with Markov Chains

JavaScript57 Star5 Fork
#19 fatiherikli/crowd-simulation

Crowd simulation on Istanbul Streets

JavaScript48 Star2 Fork
#20 fatiherikli/post-truth

How a disinformation spreads over the internet.

JavaScript47 Star8 Fork
#21 fatiherikli/backbone-notifications

Global notification mechanism for Backbone

JavaScript43 Star6 Fork
#22 fatiherikli/django-model-parser

The parser that detects django models from the provided python script. It uses Python's AST (Abstract Syntax Trees) module. Extracted from dbpatterns.com codebase.

Python38 Star5 Fork
#23 fatiherikli/humorsuz

Rastgele manşet üreteçi

JavaScript38 Star10 Fork
#24 fatiherikli/komposto.org

komposto.org is a sketchbook of self-modifying programs.

Python32 Star2 Fork
#25 fatiherikli/backbone-editinplace

Edit-in-place functionality for backbone models

JavaScript24 Star6 Fork
#26 fatiherikli/komposto

İki youtube videosundan birini tam ekran, diğerini ise arkaplan sesi olacak şekilde oynatır.

HTML24 Star3 Fork
#27 fatiherikli/tabularize.py

A mini helper that helps you to read tabular data

Python23 Star2 Fork
#28 fatiherikli/backbone-sortable

A sortable widget that uses HTML5 Drag and Drop API for your collections.

JavaScript20 Star3 Fork
#29 fatiherikli/olay

Backbone like events in Python

Python20 Star0 Fork
#30 fatiherikli/malevich

Reproduction of Malevich's Suprematism, 18th Construction composition with Particle Systems

JavaScript16 Star0 Fork