Fatih Baltacı

Fatih Baltacı


Deep Learning/Vision Researcher. MSc Student at METU, Computer Engineering

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#2 fatihbaltaci/Unity-Cardboard-LeapMotion

Integration of Unity + Cardboard + LeapMotion on Android device

JavaScript4 Star1 Fork
#3 fatihbaltaci/FindingKShortestPath

Finds K shortest paths(1. shortest path, 2. shortest path, 3. shortest path, ..., K. shortest path) with their lengths

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#4 fatihbaltaci/PyTorch-CIFAR_10-ResNet-50_Transfer_Learning

PyTorch implementation of CIFAR-10 classification with Transfer Learning technique. ResNet-50 architecture is used for model.

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#6 fatihbaltaci/vscode_docker_template

Template for vscode remote docker development

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#7 fatihbaltaci/AndroidNotifications-Azure-NotificationHub

Android project which receives notifications from Microsoft Azure Notification Hub.

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#8 fatihbaltaci/fatihbaltaci.github.io

Fatih Baltacı - Github Pages

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#9 fatihbaltaci/AnalysisOfAlgorithms

Analyzing different algorithms and compare their running times. Algorithms are: Matrix multiplication, Finding maximum element, Bubble sort algorithm, Quick sort algorithm and Binary search algorithm

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#10 fatihbaltaci/WordLadder-GraphTheory

Shortest path between two words in a "word ladder" using Breath First Search with Java programming language.

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#11 fatihbaltaci/RESTapi-Golang

RESTapi project with Go programming language

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#13 fatihbaltaci/Spring-Hibernate-Web-MVC-CRUD-Customer

It's a basic MVC project that connects to MySQL Database.

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#14 fatihbaltaci/IsAnagramOrNot

Checks 2 strings are anagrams or not using HashMap. An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. For example, the word anagram can be rearranged into "naga ram". Or for example, the word binary can be rearranged into "brainy". (Wikipedia)

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#15 fatihbaltaci/Slack-Client-Python

Sends message to slack channel using python.

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