Fatih Kadir Akın

Fatih Kadir Akın


JavaScript developer. Ruby lover. Author.

#1 f/graphql.js

A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript

JavaScript2,117 Star83 Fork
#2 f/vue-wait

Complex Loader and Progress Management for Vue/Vuex and Nuxt Applications

JavaScript1,706 Star90 Fork
#3 f/omelette

Omelette is a simple, template based autocompletion tool for Node and Deno projects with super easy API. (For Bash, Zsh and Fish)

CoffeeScript1,134 Star31 Fork
#4 f/delorean

An Agnostic, Complete Flux Architecture Framework

JavaScript748 Star41 Fork
#5 f/fatura

eArşiv / eFatura Fatura Oluşturucu

JavaScript325 Star28 Fork
#6 f/atom-term2


CoffeeScript300 Star68 Fork
#7 f/vue-smart-route

Smart route search to make intelligent looking apps with Vue.js.

JavaScript273 Star16 Fork
#8 f/react-wait

Complex Loader Management Hook for React Applications

JavaScript259 Star17 Fork
#9 f/guardian

Guardian watches over your files and run assigned tasks.

Crystal258 Star21 Fork
#10 f/loremjs

Lorem.js Dummy Text/Image Generator for jQuery and Native JS

HTML171 Star53 Fork
#11 f/kamber

Static site server (basically blogs) with Crystal Language

Crystal170 Star9 Fork
#12 f/react-hooks-todo-app

A highly testable TodoList app that uses React hooks and Context.

JavaScript168 Star16 Fork
#13 f/pq

Human Readable Promise Chains

JavaScript140 Star3 Fork
#14 f/dom-wait

Complex Loader and Progress Management for Vanilla JS

HTML138 Star4 Fork
#15 f/confirmation

A simple Node tool to replicate Browser's confirm popup on your CLI.

JavaScript116 Star2 Fork
#16 f/vue-plugin-boilerplate

Vue Plugin Boilerplate

JavaScript106 Star8 Fork
#17 f/dahi

Türkçe NLP'de bir marka (Parody)

JavaScript90 Star2 Fork
#18 f/atom-bootstrap3

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Snippets for Atom

CoffeeScript87 Star38 Fork
#19 f/completion

Easy Command Line Completion for Crystal

Crystal67 Star8 Fork
#20 f/do-sshuttle

Use DigitalOcean Droplet to Transparent Proxying via sshuttle

Shell63 Star4 Fork
#21 f/equiv

It finds equivalents of the things.

Crystal60 Star7 Fork
#22 f/kemal-react-chat

This demonstrates how easy it is to build Realtime Web applications with Kemal.

JavaScript58 Star4 Fork
#23 f/temel

Extensible Markup DSL for Crystal

Crystal55 Star6 Fork
#24 f/omi-devtools

DevTools for Omi.js

JavaScript51 Star3 Fork
#25 f/vue-analog-clock-range

Vue Analog Clock Range Component

Vue46 Star6 Fork
#26 f/kreal

Kreal is a model sharing & RPC library built on and works with Kemal seamlessly.

HTML45 Star2 Fork
#27 f/xtract

Extract data from DOM, easily.

JavaScript38 Star3 Fork
#28 f/ufcs

DLang's Universal Function Call Syntax port to JavaScript

JavaScript37 Star0 Fork
#29 f/qvimrc

Quick Vimrc

VimL34 Star4 Fork
#30 f/lambda.cr

Uniformed function call syntax for Crystal Language.

Crystal32 Star1 Fork