Eren Guldas

Eren Guldas


Frontend Developer

#1 erenesto/react-interactive-password-validator

an interactive password validator made with react

CSS41 Star5 Fork
#2 erenesto/gralig

A modest, grayish CSS library

SCSS33 Star5 Fork
#3 erenesto/memory-game

Memory Game project for Udacity FE Nanodegree Program

CSS0 Star0 Fork
#4 erenesto/cc-izmir-theme

A shopping website mainpage theme

CSS0 Star0 Fork
#5 erenesto/react-youtube-video-search

react video search app that uses youtube api

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork
#6 erenesto/purejs-todo-mvc

a todo app with pure javascript

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork
#7 erenesto/pure-css-watch

Swiss Design Watch with Pure CSS

CSS0 Star0 Fork
#8 erenesto/todoist-clone

Todoist Clone App project prepared to practice for React Hooks

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork
#9 erenesto/vue-weather-app

A weather and local time app made with Vue.JS.

Vue0 Star0 Fork
#10 erenesto/gralig-docs

Documentation website for Gralig

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork
#11 erenesto/react-covid19-tracker

COVID-19 Country Data Visualization

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork