Emre Yılmaz

Emre Yılmaz



#1 emre/storm

Manage your SSH like a boss.

Python3,568 Star162 Fork
#2 emre/kaptan

configuration manager in your pocket.

Python280 Star20 Fork
#3 emre/django-stackoverflow-trace

Django error page w/ a stackoverflow search link.

Python234 Star12 Fork
#4 emre/redis-router

A redis sharding library/api for your sharding needs.

Python171 Star0 Fork
#5 emre/macster

You're in a starbucks thinking about to build the next killer-app with node.js and mongodb but you don't have a mac?

Python125 Star9 Fork
#6 emre/relationships

redis backed user relationships on its simplest form.

Python73 Star5 Fork
#7 emre/storm-indicator

SSH shortcut menu for ubuntu. (NO LONGER MAINTAINED.)

Python53 Star8 Fork
#8 emre/fb.py

facebook development kit for Django

Python49 Star13 Fork
#9 emre/PharmacyOnDuty

Pharmacy *on duty* api for Istanbul.

Python46 Star4 Fork
#10 emre/unicode_tr

a python module to make unicode strings work as expected for turkish chars. solves the turkish "İ" problem.

Python45 Star11 Fork
#11 emre/lurker

a tiny wrapper for mySQLDB

Python41 Star2 Fork
#12 emre/spire

REST interface for mongodb

PHP34 Star2 Fork
#13 emre/swarm-host

Realtime redis dashboard for your redis setup.

JavaScript32 Star7 Fork
#14 emre/lama

a linux/mac app to take screenshots and upload to imgur.

Python31 Star5 Fork
#15 emre/etym

Online Etymologic Dictionary [in Turkish] Source

CSS28 Star1 Fork
#16 emre/storm-gui

cross platform wxpython interface to stormssh.

Python24 Star5 Fork
#17 emre/golist

python's list type implementation on go.

Go24 Star2 Fork
#18 emre/nutella.py

nutella price ticker on your command line.

Python22 Star4 Fork
#19 emre/lightsteem

A light python client to interact with the STEEM blockchain

Python21 Star1 Fork
#20 emre/dpoll.xyz

Decentralized poll app on the top STEEM blockchain

Python18 Star8 Fork
#21 emre/btcturk-client

btcturk.com api client

Python17 Star4 Fork
#22 emre/conqueue

conqueue is a queue manager library built on the top of redis.

Python15 Star1 Fork
#23 emre/steemconnect-python-client

Python client of SteemConnect

Python12 Star5 Fork
#24 emre/digitalocean_to_sshconfig

all your droplets belong to your ssh config™

Python11 Star2 Fork
#25 emre/tagbot

A bot rewards specific tags on Steem blockchain

Python11 Star4 Fork
#26 emre/curobot

Your personal curation bot on the steem network™

Python9 Star4 Fork
#27 emre/tower

A REST api implementation on the top of Hivemind

Python9 Star2 Fork
#28 emre/steemrocks

Activity feed for steem accounts

Python7 Star7 Fork
#29 emre/infestor

Claim and create discounted STEEM accounts on your command line

Python7 Star0 Fork
#30 emre/btcturk-ticker

bitcoin price ticker for your command line.

Python6 Star1 Fork