Doğukan Çağatay

Doğukan Çağatay


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#1 dogukancagatay/lorem_ipsum

Shell script to generate Lorem Ipsum text.

Shell10 Star4 Fork
#2 dogukancagatay/terminal_chess

A basic chess implementation with MiniMax and Alpha-Beta pruning algorithms in C++.

C++4 Star2 Fork
#3 dogukancagatay/disk_util

Some scripts for disk related operations on hardware or software RAID systems.

Shell2 Star0 Fork
#4 dogukancagatay/kpuzzle_solver

8puzzle or (more)puzzle solving algorithm implementations in C++. BFS, DFS, greedy algorithm and A* is implemented with a generic approach. It cannot solve special puzzles.

C++1 Star0 Fork
#5 dogukancagatay/shedlock-zk-demo

Shedlock with Zookeeper Demo

Java1 Star0 Fork
#6 dogukancagatay/rsa_meax

A basic implementation of RSA key generation, message encryption and authentication done as a school project.

C0 Star0 Fork
#7 dogukancagatay/shicalba

A caldav event creator in bash.

Shell0 Star0 Fork
#9 dogukancagatay/sendemail

Simple python script for sending emails using SMTP

Python0 Star0 Fork
#11 dogukancagatay/docker-graph-tool

graph-tool library Ubuntu image

Dockerfile0 Star1 Fork
#12 dogukancagatay/base64-file-encode-decode-app

Basic app for encoding/decoding files into/from Base64 encoding

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork
#13 dogukancagatay/sphinx-builder

Sphinx builder with and latex support

Python0 Star1 Fork
#14 dogukancagatay/request-sink

HTTP request sink with NodeJS

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork
Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
Shell0 Star0 Fork
#17 dogukancagatay/env-haproxy

Environment variable configurable Docker HAProxy image

HTML0 Star0 Fork
C++0 Star0 Fork
#19 dogukancagatay/opentracing-spring-boot

Demo app for tracing with Opentracing on Spring Boot

Java0 Star0 Fork
#20 dogukancagatay/pdns-updater

Dynamic PowerDNS updater for Docker services

Python0 Star0 Fork
#21 dogukancagatay/docker-ubuntu-dind

Ubuntu based Docker-in-Docker for CI/CD pipelines

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#22 dogukancagatay/docker-azp-agent-dind

Azure Devops Agent Docker image with Docker-in-Docker

Shell0 Star0 Fork
Java0 Star0 Fork
#24 dogukancagatay/spring-config-server-client

Spring Boot config server client example

Java0 Star0 Fork
#25 dogukancagatay/opensearch-docker-logs

Opensearch based container log collector sample with fluentd and fluentbit

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork