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#1 dfds/infrastructure-modules

Terraform modules for infrastructure

HCL13 Star7 Fork
#2 dfds/blaster

Automation platform for http://kubernetes.io/ running on AWS - Autobot Blaster's speciality is communications. He possesses a Flight Pack that can transform into a signal-jamming, electro-scrambler gun.

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#3 dfds/dafda

.NET Kafka client library

C#3 Star10 Fork
#4 dfds/capability-service

Manages user team relations and can be uses as example on how to build a component in DFDS

C#2 Star2 Fork
#5 dfds/dojo

The DED dojo is the main repository for developer workshops and katas @ DFDS

C#2 Star4 Fork
#6 dfds/aws-janitor

Janitor for shared AWS account

C#1 Star1 Fork
#7 dfds/k8s-janitor

Service for mapping IAM roles to k8s cluster roles

C#1 Star4 Fork
#8 dfds/harald

Harald the Herald

C#1 Star1 Fork
#9 dfds/argocd-janitor

Janitor for handling Argo CD configuration

C#1 Star1 Fork
#10 dfds/kafka-janitor

Janitor for handling admin operation on a Kafka Cluster

C#1 Star1 Fork
#11 dfds/runsource-iac-demo

Repository for IaC demo for Run/Source 2020

HCL1 Star1 Fork
#13 dfds/python-for-absolute-beginners

A few tips and trics to get started with Python

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Shell0 Star0 Fork
#15 dfds/prime-pipeline-docker

Dockerfile for building Prime pipeline image

Dockerfile0 Star1 Fork
#16 dfds/azure-devops-build-agents

Dockerized Azure DevOps Build Agents

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#17 dfds/tika

A tiny api ontop of Kafka in Confluent Cloud

TypeScript0 Star1 Fork
#18 dfds/tika-manifests

Contains kubernetes manifests for use in gitops flow

Makefile0 Star0 Fork
#19 dfds/adoorman

An authorization proxy container

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#21 dfds/kafka-exporter

Prometheus Kafka exporter.

Shell0 Star1 Fork
#22 dfds/kafka-cli

Official Kafka CLI tools dockerized.

Shell0 Star1 Fork
#23 dfds/ce-toolbox

Various scripts and snippets used by Cloud Engineering

Python0 Star1 Fork
#24 dfds/contentful-migration-docker

Dockerfile for building the image for running the Contentful migration tool

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#25 dfds/k8s-monitoring

Manifests etc. for Kubernetes monitoring

PowerShell0 Star6 Fork
#27 dfds/pre-prime-pipeline-docker

Docker image used for pre-prime pipeline

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#28 dfds/aws-cli-docker

Dockerfile for Docker image with AWS CLI and a small footprint

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#29 dfds/attk-docker

AWS CLI, Terraform, Terragrunt, Kafkacat

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#30 dfds/k8s-repo-template

A template repository for easy bootstrapping of a new k8s related project.

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