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#2 borakasmer/.Net-Core-UserRoles

Create .Net Core Web Api 3.1.1 and DB First EntityFramework application. Custom Attribute and Custom Action Filter created for checking permission of User. With this permission user, can run or not run the Action. All the permission Checked with Bitwise Iteration.

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#3 borakasmer/MicroservicesWithRabbitMQAndSocketIO

In this application, we will try to informed customers who buy the stock papers when the price changed. We will use NodeJs for the backend application. For improving the performance, we will use RabbitMQ, and we will write microservice as a consumer. We will send updated stock data by using SocketIO to the clients. For front-end application, we will use Angular 9

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#4 borakasmer/TurnBaseGame

Turnbase Fighter, Wizard and Druid Otonom fight with Golang.

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#5 borakasmer/CoreRabbitMQ

On Asp.Net Core, created an Mvc application, which is add RabbitMQ Queue for selected Stoc. This is kind of Admin panel. After all I created new Mvc Application on .Net Core. Clients buy stoc and connect SignalR group with stoc's name. And I created console application for all Channel on RabbitMQ. They Listen to RabbitMQ channel and Push Notification with updated stoc data to Mvc signalR client, who bought that stoc.

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#6 borakasmer/BlazorWordGame

This is a simple online multiplayer word game with Blazor and SignalR on .NetCore. We will use SignalR for realtime communication between two players. All the words will keep in MongoDB. And we will support multi-platforms with .Net Core.

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#7 borakasmer/MongoDB-Nodej-Angular8-FullStack-Project

Create Search, delete, insert, update, paging and include services on NodeJs Service with using Express and Use Mongoose library for MongoDB. For Client Side using Angular 8 andmake crud operations.

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#8 borakasmer/GoWebParser

We will get new product data with different currency prices by using .Net Core web API. But we will insert all products with the same ₺ currency. So we will parse a webpage and get Dolar, Euro, and British Pound currency value from the HTML and convert it to the ₺ Turkish Liras with Go lang. For all these processes, we will use Microservices. For improving the performance, we will use the Redis Cache. If there is no any Currency data in it, we will put all product data to RabbbitMQ and get every product data one by one and publish the consumer with Go lang. Convert all product's price currency to ₺ Turkish Liras. We will save current currency data to Redis for one minute and insert all product data with the created date with Go lang.

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#9 borakasmer/.NetCore-SignalR-Basic-Chat

On Asp.Net Core, created Mvc signalR application and made basic chat application. Have Fun..

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#10 borakasmer/DevNot2020

Maintaining Data Consistency in Distributed Environments with NodeJsMicroservices by using RabbitMQ, Redis, SocketIO, Express, NodeJs and Angular

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#11 borakasmer/TransactionManagement

This is my custom Transaction Management solution between distributed Microservices.

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#12 borakasmer/Asp.Net-Core-Angular4-TypeScript

We published WebApi service from 5050 port with Asp.Net Core on OSX. After all we created Web Application with Angular 4 and Typescript. First of all we designed a block of venue. And aline seats by rows and columns count. After organized seats, client could make some process on them. He or she could buy seats, cancel seats or reserve seats for VIP

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#13 borakasmer/SocketIOPeerToPeerGame

On NodeJs with SocketIO you can send Picture to specific client with selected Socket Number on dropdown list. When new client come to online, all the dropdown lists refresh and new coming client's socketID added. When one of client remove, socketID deleted from all list by using SocketIO too.

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#14 borakasmer/CSharp9.0

C# 9.0 New Features

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#15 borakasmer/MoveBlock

Use SignalR with Dependency Injection on .Net Core. Add middle ware Custom SignalR class. Move block and call webapi service. WebApi service trigger other connected clients with signalR and save log record to Sql Server with entity framework.

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#17 borakasmer/devnotMicroservices

Created Angular 6 online shopping WebApplication project. All shopping items sent to .Net Core 2 WebApi service. All of them put to RabbitMQ's shopping channel. After .Net Core 2.0 console application microservice was created. Every shopping items taken by one by from RabbitMQ shopping Channel and sent to SignalR project. Finally all of them pushed notify to admin clients by WebSocket as a realtime.

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#18 borakasmer/ElasticSearchGeolocation

In this .Net Core 2.2 Console Application, we created a new ElastichSearch Index, for finding in 250 km distance Customers locations to our location with using ElasticSearch. And later we bulk inserted all document to ElastichSearch from Sql. And also the result didn't return to real distance. For this we used Haversine Formule. And finally we printed all filtered documents on to the screen.

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#19 borakasmer/NodeJs-Angular8-Security-Authentication

On Angular8 and NodeJs application added Authentication, Tokenization, Client Side Encrypted Password, Server Side Hash password and Swager.json file

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#20 borakasmer/AuditDB

Find Only Edit Columns on DBContext Middleware with override SaveChanges(). And Save Old and New Value with Column Name and Primary Key Value on Elastic Search

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#21 borakasmer/SocketIO-Angular8-Redis-NodeJS

Adding Redis Cache on NodeJS project and Using SocketIO for brodecast all data chaninig to all other clients.

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#22 borakasmer/ParentChildOnAngular9

In this project, we are trying to make core molecules component to use every component on Angular 9. In this project, we are trying to data binding consistency with parent and child. We use @input, @output and EventEmitter

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#23 borakasmer/AsyncLockObject

How to handle asynchronous methods if Twenty Thousand customers come to our News Portal concurrently when the Redis is expired.

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#24 borakasmer/GamesShop

RealTime online Game Shop with signalR and .Net 5.0 And for front-end using Angular 12

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#25 borakasmer/PuzzleWithSignalRAndAngular

This is find pair picture memory puzzle game. Try to find same picture cards with using your mobile phone. Firstly scan QRcode with your phone on the angular 2 web screen. After onConnected SignalR All cards get from .Net Core WebApi service and listed to the web screen. You select one of them and try to find pair with your phone. And other Plane game. Who want to go back '90th.Control plane with Mobiledevice and escape from tank's fire and try to explode tanks. Try to get higher score and keep your three lives.

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#26 borakasmer/SqlBackUp

Backup Very Busy Sql Server with MicroServices and RabbitMQ For Every Operational Data

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#27 borakasmer/MonitorActionExecutionTime

Monitor Mvc Actions Execution Time. We got all Actions execution time with Custom Filter. Only flaged with [IgnoreAction] Attribute Actions not monitoring. We got total Action working seconds, before view not shown. And We saved all datas to Sql DB. Because later we could report all Action Execution Time and Detail with Google Chart.

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#28 borakasmer/Refactoring

What is Refactoring ? Split Loop, Slide Statements, Extract Function and Inline Variable Example. Reference by Martin Fowler (Refactoring) Second Edition

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#29 borakasmer/Encryption

Encrypt & Decrypt Operations in Net Core and Difference from Hash

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