Metin Emiroğlu

Metin Emiroğlu


Managing engineering teams & riding a bike.

#1 amiroff/NextBook

NextBook is quick and easy way to build technical books or documentation with markdown or MDX that run blazingly fast.

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#2 amiroff/dotfiles

Everyone's keeping them in version control nowadays

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#3 amiroff/clojure-noob

My clojure learning notes on the way of smarts and braves.

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#5 amiroff/basic-clojure-web-app

A down to the metal Hello World example Clojure webapp with tests.

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#6 amiroff/learning_elixir

My notes and code on the way to learning Elixir (Book: Programming Elixir 1.3 by Dave Thomas)

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#7 amiroff/PythonDataScience

Code and assignments for Python Data Science Course

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#8 amiroff/minimal-django-example

A minimal Hello World example using Django, in my opinion, the most productive, intuitive and developer-friendly web framework.

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