Alper Yilmaz

Alper Yilmaz


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#1 alperyilmaz/tidyverse-keras

Tidyverse from Rocker and Keras

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#2 alperyilmaz/jupyterlab-bioinformatics

Jupyter notebooks for introductory level bioinformatics

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#3 alperyilmaz/blast-course-jupyterlab

implementation of alperyilmaz/blast-course in jupyterlab for binder access

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#4 alperyilmaz/binder-chemminer

chemical similarity integrated into metabolic network

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#7 alperyilmaz/syllabus

syllabus with LaTeX and Markdown

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#8 alperyilmaz/markx-test

testing markx integration

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#9 alperyilmaz/

Personal website and blog

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#10 alperyilmaz/r-data-vis

Repo for course materials to be used with BYM4591 Data Analysis and Visualization at YTU

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#12 alperyilmaz/gviz-on-docker

genome track visualizations with gviz on docker

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#14 alperyilmaz/nextflow-rnaseq

amazon aws batch implementation of nextflow/rnaseq-encode-nf tutorial

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#16 alperyilmaz/jupyterlab-python-intro

Materials for the "Introduction to Computer Science, Algoritmic Approach with Python" course

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#17 alperyilmaz/jupyterlab-repo2docker

This repo will be used to generate jupyterlab container that matches binder versions used by other jupyterlab repos

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#18 alperyilmaz/blogdown

Personal website build with blogdown at RStudio

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#19 alperyilmaz/binder-metacoder

metacoder running on jupyter

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#20 alperyilmaz/conda-snakemake-gatk

snakemake pipeline for gatk running on binder

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#21 alperyilmaz/cerna-test

testing binder for ceRNAnetsim

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#22 alperyilmaz/jupyterlab-binder

Docker image to be used in Binder

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#23 alperyilmaz/jupyterlab-python-intro-tr

course materials (in turkish) for Introductory Comp Sci course

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#24 alperyilmaz/zeit-now-flask-rest

barebone serverless flask api with zeit now

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#26 alperyilmaz/hugo-reveal-forestry

hugo presentations via forestry

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#27 alperyilmaz/demo-julia

testing Julia with Binder

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#28 alperyilmaz/dgsh-docker

"Directed graph shell" in docker - WIP

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#30 alperyilmaz/jupyterlab-r-data-mining

Codes for the book "Veri Madenciliği Yöntemleri Ve R Uygulamaları"

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