Ali Can Batur

Ali Can Batur


Viva la vida

#1 alicanbatur/ABExpandableView

Expandable, collapsible, filterable and single/multi selectable table view.

Swift139 Star12 Fork
#2 alicanbatur/HotDogDetector

A tiny hot dog detector. Detects using Apple's Core ML - VGG16

Swift23 Star0 Fork
#3 alicanbatur/Movie

A swift project based on MVP Architecture. Contains Alamofire, AlamofireObjectMapper, AlamofireImage pods. Themoviedb apis are preferred to exemplify network calls.

Swift7 Star2 Fork
#4 alicanbatur/Alfred

An example app of using alamofire, alamofireobjectmapper and router approach to handle webservice calls.

Swift5 Star2 Fork
Swift3 Star0 Fork
HTML0 Star0 Fork
#9 alicanbatur/ABLoadingView

Micro animated view for async operations.

Shell0 Star0 Fork