Suleyman Poyraz

Suleyman Poyraz



#1 Zaryob/inary

Python3 ile yazılmış hızlı algoritması ve sağlam veri analizi altyapısı içeren bir Linux paket yönetim sistemi.

Python13 Star4 Fork
#2 Zaryob/dotfiles

Dotfiles are configuration files of UNIX/LINUX applications. This are configurations of Zaryob.

Emacs Lisp9 Star1 Fork
#3 Zaryob/

Personal blog page powered by Jekyll

CSS7 Star0 Fork
#4 Zaryob/RasPi-HQCameraTools

Tools created to make photography with HQ cameras.

Python7 Star0 Fork
#5 Zaryob/Imagination

The docker images in this repository are images dedicated to the resurrection of dreams.

Dockerfile7 Star0 Fork
#6 Zaryob/web-dialog

A web template for creating dialog command like web page creation.

HTML7 Star0 Fork
#7 Zaryob/raspipboy

My implementation of a Pip-Boy 3000 (from the 'Fallout' game series) Written in Python for the Raspberry Pi, plus Arduino code for a custom Teensy 2++ USB-serial controller.

Python7 Star0 Fork
#8 Zaryob/SulinRepository

Sulin OS Main Repository

Roff6 Star3 Fork
#9 Zaryob/SulinDocker

Sulin Docker Images

Dockerfile6 Star1 Fork
#10 Zaryob/baselayout

base files for SulinOS

GDB6 Star1 Fork
#11 Zaryob/donut

Donut is a 3D ASCII Art written Rust

Rust6 Star0 Fork
#12 Zaryob/AndroGarbage

Tamamen deneysel ve öğrenme amaçlı çöp kodlardan mürekkep bir depodur.

Java6 Star0 Fork
#13 Zaryob/JavaGarbage

Tamamen deneysel ve öğrenme amaçlı çöp kodlardan mürekkep bir depodur.

Java6 Star0 Fork
#14 Zaryob/catbox

a sandbox compilation environment for package manager

C5 Star1 Fork
#15 Zaryob/pardus-2011-den-kalanlar

Pardus 2011'e ait kde4 temaları ikonlar vesaire

HTML5 Star0 Fork
#22 Zaryob/kmon

Kenneth Salerno's System monitor for Linux, BSD and Solaris

Shell4 Star0 Fork
C++4 Star0 Fork
#24 Zaryob/vhdlGarbage

It is an ink repository of garbage codes for purely experimental and learning purposes.

Coq4 Star0 Fork
#25 Zaryob/gtk3_template

Template for GTK+3 for C and Glade

C4 Star1 Fork
#26 Zaryob/wubi

Wubi is a Windows front-end for lupin ( and ubiquity (

C++4 Star0 Fork
#27 Zaryob/librsvg

This is librsvg - A small library to render Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), associated with the GNOME Project.It renders SVG files to Cairo surfaces.Cairo is the 2D, antialiased drawing library that GNOME uses to draw things to the screen or to generate output for printing.

C3 Star0 Fork
#28 Zaryob/moviepad

TMDB based film application

Dart3 Star0 Fork
#29 Zaryob/algorithmsolutions

Solutions of various algorithm problems

Jupyter Notebook3 Star0 Fork
#30 Zaryob/FlutterGarbage

Tamamen deneysel ve öğrenme amaçlı çöp kodlardan mürekkep bir depodur.

Dart2 Star0 Fork